Monday, 15 August 2016

Prince Albert Sunday, July 31st, 2016

We arrived at Prince Albert (PA) on Sunday evening (July 31st) and got our boots on to have a look around the river shores.  A boat clearly seen along the river taking water samples.  A major disruption near the water inlet for the city water treatment complex.  So, had a good visual for Monday meetings that had been organized for us to present to the City of PA.

Monday morning included a meeting with the Grand Chief of PA.  This is called PAGC (a regional Tribal Council).  Many of the local First Nations (FN) reserves within the river region around PA are affected by the spill, due to their direct drinking water source from the City of PA.

Monday afternoon included the opportunity to present the XBoom and Formation Fluid (FFM) system solutions to the city.  We were pleased to have excellent challenging questions on the effacacy of our solutions.  A follow up was organized for FFM to present more detailed information in the next few days.  The issues were primarily around the delivery of enough equipment to match the required flow rate of output at the city water treatment plant, combined with the required 'foot-print' for the equipment to work.  It became apparent the footprint was a secondary issue.  The primary issue that needed a solution was the logistics of procuring an adequate amount of equipment to meet the flow rate requirement.  A temporary inflow line was now working that brought a 12 inch flexible pipeline from the South Saskatchewan River to PA.  30 kilometers of pipe was up and running for PA to have adequate drinking water in the short term.  This would at least solve the problem until winter sets in, about late November.  See:

The FFM Engineer was now working on the water treatment solution using FFM technology.

Our Monday ended with enthusiasm.  Not for the disaster, of course, but for the solutions that were apparent.  We seemed to have a good reception.  We received enough timely information to see the real and present problem.  Potentially bad water, and problematic for the existing water treatment system at the city.

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