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Activity during the period between August 5th & 8th, 2016

I will link a few key articles from Reporters covering the story as it happened.  Keep in mind, the reading (as all reporting usually does), recalls the key points in each stage of reporting.  We have now determined that up to 250,000 liters of oil and dilluent mixture were spilled into the N. Sask River.

August 6-8, 2016 - These are the links that I thought deemed posting: 

I received this on August 8.  The article came out in on August 5th.  It is a Saskatchewan regional spill....But the Feds are now monitoring  Keep in mind, that there are political / legal issues that come into play.  Federal government has jurisdiction over the rivers in Canada.  First Nations have legal rights under various Treaty agreements that put them in Sovereign position.  (The legal specialists will have their contributions I'm sure, as time goes on)

Both the Feds and the Province have their hands full.  Feds and Province BOTH consider charges over spill

Despite the threat of charges against Husky, the reality also includes the need to consider the inevitable weather coming in about 90 days.  Saskatchewan weather in November isn't like the Amazon for a spill.  That's the reality.....not a legal wrangling issue, not a politically partisan issue, a real issue.  And the experts weigh in...  oil-spill-specialist-says-timeline-cleanup-depends-weather

I also realized this week that coincidentally the N. Saskatchewan River spill came at a most "inappropriate time".  The talks are about to start on Monday, August 8th, with TransCanada East-West Pipeline application process.  The hearing is overseen by National Energy Board (NEB) in St. John, NB.  So, the Montreal Gazette produced this article:  montreal-has-no-plan-b-if-major-oil-spill-were-to-happen-experts-say

First Nations engage:  kinder-morgan-opponents-slam-world-class-bafflegab-following-husky-pipeline-disaster  (I like the use of the word "Bafflegate")

Derek Nepinak and Manitoba chiefs call for Husky boycott
In the meantime, the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) has called for an immediate nation-wide boycott and divestment of Husky Energy Inc. products and services as a result of the spill in the North Saskatchewan River. The organization's Grand Chief, Derek Nepinak, has asked that the public continue their protest until the company has demonstrated a genuine commitment to mitigating damages and all measures necessary to eliminate the possibility of future spills.

Now, I find this article to follow interesting, for one specific reason:  the reason will follow your read of the article.  It is a wildlife segment:  first-batch-of-birds-released-after-recovering-from-the-husky-oil-spill/   

Here is a quote from my friend MED.  "at the Mississauga Creek spill the wildlife people used our bulk terra product to clean the ducks, with never before seen success. The Director of this organization will give us a recommendation if we need it."

My summary of this blog:  There are innovative products out there right here in Canada, that have the ability to clean and recovery more quickly from a disaster like the Husky Saskatchewan River Spill.  It is high time these innovations got the commercial attention they deserve.  Industry, acedemia, government, Indigenous peoples, environmental enthusiasts....ALL stakeholders.

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