Sunday, 28 August 2016

And the blog pendulum swings to the capital market. Every stakeholder counts!

Now, if you are wondering why Husky's common stock went higher on the day after the N. Saskatchewan Oil Spill, read this, and then the next article:

Keep in mind, there is much more to Husky than the pipeline that crosses the N.Sask River near Maidstone, SK.

Husky CNOOC relationship (sometimes partners have disputes too!)

So, given this information is it strange that City-of-Prince-Albert-gets-5-million-from-husky-for-oil-spill-cleanup ?

And, Husky-sends-3.5-million-pre-payment-to-north-battleford

And, by this time, I am learning that the First Nations have had several meetings with Husky, either by teleconference or in person (with various levels of Husky personnel and/or consultants involved)

I won't easily forget the conversation in the parking lot at FSIN (see previous blog of August 2nd - XBoom & PAGC) where the Husky rep viewed the XBoom out of the back of the CFFC trailer.  An entrepreneur always takes his/her steps forward or backward, based on the amount of risk capital placed in the marketing of their products.  I can tell you, at this point I am reminded of the difficulty in getting big companies to take a hard look at how they are spending their capital...innovation or no-innovation.  I can think of a few words for my thoughts, but.....a picture is worth a thousand words.

Over n out until next blog.


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