Sunday, 14 August 2016

Initial Post. North Saskatchewan River Oil Spill July 2016

The purpose of this blog is to update shareholders in a forum that is accessible to all who care to subscribe, or check-in periodically at leisure.

As it is a new method of communication for me, and due to the time that is required to keep communication current, I will try it for a while as a test case.  The timing of implimenting the idea is concurrent to the recent oil spill in the North Saskatchewan River.

First, the idea of a blog for Robix is not new in itself, it just seems more necessary now, especially in light of the recent corporate activity in Mexico, unfolding at the same time as the disastrous river spill episode in the North Saskatchewan River near Maidstone, SK, on July 20th, 2016.

I begin my CEO's blog with the date of July 29th, the day I got a call from one of our shareholders, who said, "Can you be in Prince Albert, SK on Monday?"  That would be Monday, August 1st, and a holiday.  Turns out, he had some contacts that could potentially help Robix in getting close to the site of the response action.  Of course, Robix is an equipment supplier, not a responder per se.  But, an "opportunity only knocks once" someone once said.  And coincidentally, our friend Stephen Neal from Canadian Floating Fence (CFFC) had just made me aware that his product, the XBoom (tm) had been recently awarded a place on the "vendor's list" at Husky.  (kudo's to Stephen for his tenacity to get that done)  (*and hopefully, everyone remembers that Robix announced a co-marketing agreement with CFFC)

So, my response to the caller was quick, "yes!, I'll be there".  Quick call to Stephen, and we were engaged in the logistics planning.  Stephen met me at the Calgary airport, and we drove the distance to Prince Albert, SK.  I invited the consulting Engineer from Formation Fluid, whom I believed could make a serious technical contribution to the opportunity that appeared on the horizon.  I also concluded there was a good possibility that we could make some contacts and headway into the foray along the key points of interest in the N. Sk River.  Entrepenuerial risk was apparent.

Also, what was apparent was that the Robix COV product line was not the focus.  Clean water, and the ability to contain the spread of the spill in the river was the focus.

I'll fast forward to Monday, August 1st, 2016...... in the next blog tomorrow, until I get caught up on all the pertinent events that happened up until today, August 14th.

Over & out til next blog.


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