Sunday, 28 August 2016

Activity during the period from August 9th to August 11th

Now, to be fair to everyone involved (after all Husky is a stakeholder as well) I'm linking their website and the link they provide to all who ask any questions.  Btw, I've heard from a few reporters that the standard reply to questions at Husky is:  "see our website".  So, here you all are:  A sample cut and pasted from this site is here:  (although from August 22nd update)

  • Shoreline cleanup continues, using several techniques, including low pressure washing, vegetation trimming and raking, and removal of debris.
  • Cleanup of the primary focus area is steadily progressing in Division 1, with approximately 47 percent of the shoreline cleaned.
  • Water sampling and analysis is continuing.

This reminds me of the Facebook post I saw recently from someone affected by the clean up process.  I'll post that in another episode of this blog.  The editorial comments I may make will shed light on my viewpoint on this event as it directly relates to the use of innovations in the solution to a disaster like this one.

As the story unfolds, and those affected come to the face of Husky, there is this action:

And there is this reaction from Husky:  (from Husky website)
  • An insurance clinic was held in Prince Albert on Aug. 20 to facilitate claims.
And, from CBC "Deloitte, an independent financial firm has been hired by the City to assist in the claims process with Husky Energy and preliminary meetings with Husky Energy have been positive. The City anticipates a 24-hour claim reimbursement from Husky Energy for all City invoices submitted".

Just an observation on my part, that comes from a few conversations with experienced executives:  "the fact that a claims center was initiated so early in the process, speaks to Husky's realization that this is a real disaster, not just an incident".  

The following is a copyright, so rather than my infringement on the use of the image, please click on the link here and see the picture that's worth a thousand words.

Moving away from the specifics of Prince Albert to the source of the pipeline break is this article from CBC.  And, I ask, "Does anyone think this will be the last oil spill in Canada?"

Over n out until next blog.


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